Seamless Model-Based Product Development

Industrial companies can get involved in the center for research of seamless model-based product development.

Center for Systems Engineering

The Center for Systems Engineering (CSE) aims to shape and holistically assess the required key technologies for tomorrow’s product development process. The interlinking of individual development steps and implemented tools allows a highly iterative, agile and in part automated product development. This will result in research and establishment of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) in many industries.

The Center is led by the scientific directors Prof. Günther Schuh, Prof. Georg Jacobs and Prof. Bernhard Rumpe and was initialized by the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL), the Institut for Machine Elements and the Chair for Software Engineering (SE).


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23.10.2020 | Digital into the second round – Systems Engineering Congress 2020

Digital event from November 4th to 5th | The positive feedback after the first Systems Engineering Congress last year has encouraged us to offer…

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30.06.2020 | Call for Papers ATK CWD 2021

The CSE strives to answer pressing questions and to provide the solutions required to further shape tomorrow’s product development process while taking on the…

Systems Engineering Congress 2020
November, 04th – 05th

The Systems Engineering Congress will have its second round in 2020, November 04th / 05th. The topic of “Integrated model-based product development” will be discussed.

Systems Engineering Congress 2020
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