Benefit Categories

As an enrolled member of the Center for System Engineering, you will have access to the following benefit categories:
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As members, businesses have exclusive access to the CSE, its interdisciplinary team of RWTH Aachen University academics and other enrolled member companies. The opportunities for mutual knowledge exchange and positive collaboration are virtually endless. Members use these opportunities for exchange and for the development of new partnership models, as well as for the development and selection of future research topics. Members furthermore have the opportunity of recruiting highly qualified staff and leadership personalities.

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Research & Development

Members have exclusive access to the full scope of scientific expertise and the entire research infrastructure of the CSE. Consortial research projects aim to create know-how in collaboration with participating businesses, with all partners sharing the cost burden for research and development. Enrolled members steer the activities of the CSE in periodic workshops and adjust these activities it to the needs of the associated companies.

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Becoming an enrolled member means becoming part of the RWTH Aachen Campus community, which consists of businesses from a wide range of industry sectors and academics from associated faculties at RWTH Aachen University. Members attend various events to discuss current issues across many areas of application, while creating new networking opportunities.

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Further Education

The CSE offers its members targeted further education programs. Training courses, seminars and certification courses will allow your staff to apply new knowledge in daily operations, while ensuring the transfer of cutting-edge technologies and research results to your business.

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Members additionally have access to a wide range of services. These include support for project applications and implementation, technical consulting services, as well as the execution of detailed feasibility studies and ascertaining existing potential. What’s more, members can take advantage of tailor-made services, which are offered and implemented based on individual agreements with the enrolled companies.