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A study in the consortial benchmarking “Model-Based Systems Engineering”

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Nutzen Sie die Benchmarking-Studie, um Ihre Ansätze zum Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) für die Digitalisierung der Produktentstehung mit anderen Unternehmen zu vergleichen. Erhalten Sie exklusive Einblicke in die Studienergebnisse und neue Impulse zur erfolgreichen Umsetzung eines digitalisierten Produktentstehungsprozesses.


Participate in the benchmarking study to compare your Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approaches for the digitization of products development with other companies. Gain exclusive insights into the study results to receive new impulses for the successful implementation of digitized product development processes.

Project plan

The consortial benchmarking is sceduled for 9 months, starting in November, 2019. First, the kick-off-meeting was held with all Project partners. Together, we defined the main topics and goals of the benchmarking.

This is followed by the screening phase with the aim of a comprehensive data collection by conducting an international questionnaire study. Based on this, a network of experts from industry and science analyses the responses of the study participants and identifies companies that are particularly successful in implementing model-based product development. The approaches of the identified companies are examined in depth in the form of case studies.
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During the subsequent company visits, the successful practice companies present their approaches.

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Main topics

Consortium partners are actively involved in the following focal points of consortium benchmarking:

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  • In which way should requirements be described and documented in Model Based Systems Engineering?
  • How can a continuous tracking of requirements be realized?
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  • How can functions be derived from requirements?
  • How can solution-neutral functions be described in Model Based Systems Engineering?
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  • How can products be derived from the requirements and functions?
  • For which products is the application of Model Based Systems Engineering suitable?
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Organizational requirements

  • How must a company be set up organizationally for the use of Model Based Systems Engineering?
  • What should a companies culture look like to promote the acceptance of Model Based Systems Engineering?
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Technological requirements

  • Which IT infrastructure is necessary for a successful application of Model Based Systems Engineering and which relevant technologies and methods exist?
  • Which tools for model development exist and how should the interfaces between them be designed?
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