23. September 2023

That was the

5th Systems Engineering Congress

organized by the Center for Systems Engineering, with the support of our co-host itemis AG

September 20, 2023

MHPArena Stuttgart
(formerly Mercedes-Benz Arena Stuttgart)

The Systems Engineering Congress SEC entered its fifth round on September 20, 2023! We were therefore particularly pleased to be able to welcome you again this year. We had a varied program with exciting insights from research and industry and highlights from the systems engineering community:
  • Inspiring presentations by renowned experts
  • Exciting panel discussion on the topic of “Circular Economy”
  • Industry exhibition with partners from software to mechanical engineering
  • Start-up pitch with young companies and fresh ideas from the world of tomorrow’s engineering
  • Cozy BBQ event in our special location, the MHPArena Stuttgart
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Agenda | 20.09.2023

Digital Transformation
08.30 Uhr Begrüßung durch Moderation und CSE-Team
08.45 Uhr “Unleashing the Power of the Industrial Metaverse: The Future of Engineering”, Dr. Annika Hauptvogel, Siemens AG
09.15 Uhr “MBSE – Modeling Circularity and Sustainability”, Prof. Dr. Georg Jacobs, Institut für Maschinenelemente und Systementwicklung
09.45 Uhr Live-Schaltung RWTH Aachen Campus – Smart Automation Lab
10.00 Uhr Networking-Pause
10.30 Uhr “Coaches, Pilots & Architects Joining 80,000 Bosch Powertrain Associates – The Human Side of Introducing MBSE”, Pál Horváth, Bosch Powertrain Solutions, Engineering Centre Budapest
11.00 Uhr “Scaling MBSE: Herausforderungen bei Großprojekten”, Christoph Pfeuffer und Sebastian Strobl, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH
11.30 Uhr “(Model-based) Systems Engineering PMT Architecture”, Srinivasa Reddy Police, AUDI AG
Digital and Sustainable Engineering
10.30 Uhr “Datengetriebenes und durchgängiges Engineering von HOMAG Maschinen”, Ernst Esslinger, HOMAG GmbH
11.00 Uhr “Circular Engineering for Medical Imaging Technology”, Patricia Gehrlein, Siemens Healthcare GmbH
11.30 Uhr “Single-Use Components – Designed for Circularity. A Contradiction?”, Dr. Merle-Hendrikje Jank, Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH
12:00 Uhr Mittagspause mit “Market of Ideas”
Systems Engineering
13.00 Uhr “Gestaltung und Auslegung von Plattformen mittels Systems Engineering vom Fenstersauger bis hin zur autonomen Scheuersaugmaschine”, Simon Himmler und Jan Paul Schneider, Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG
13.30 Uhr “The only Way to Predict the Future is to Invent it! How to tackle the Sustainability Challenges with Systems Engineering and the Virtual Twin.”, Martin Neff, Dassault Systèmes
14.00 Uhr Networking-Pause

Next Generation Engineering

14.30 Uhr “Investing in the Technology Champions of Tomorrow”, Dr. Elisabeth Schrey, DeepTech & Climate Fonds
15.00 Uhr Start-up-Slam
15.45 Uhr “Chancen mit generativer KI (Azure Open AI, ChatGPT)”, Edip Saliba, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
16.15 Uhr “Systems Engineering Meets AI: It’s Not Rocket Science… Wait, It Is!”,  Dr. Alexander Nyßen, itemis AG
16.45 Uhr Aktive Pause

Circular Economy

17.00 Uhr “Neue Modularität für eine lebensverlängernde und wertsteigernde Kreislaufwirtschaft”, Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh, Lehrstuhl für Produktionssystematik
17.30 Uhr Podiumsdiskussion “Circular Economy – Paradigmenwechsel in der produzierenden Industrie” mit Wilhelm Mauß (Lorenz GmbH & Co. KG) und Niclas-Alexander Mauß (CIRCULAR REPUBLIC / UnternehmerTUM GmbH)

The speakers 2023

joerg-berroth 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Dr. Joerg Berroth

Managing Director
Center Systems Engineering
Esslinger-Ernst-scaled-e1684412288517 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Ernst Esslinger

Director Centre of Excellence Project Management
Gehrlein_Patricia-e1685385046289 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Patricia Gehrlein

Program Lead Circular Economy

Siemens Healthcare GmbH
Annika_Hauptvogel_070-scaled-e1684175494925 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Dr. Annika Hauptvogel

SVP Technology & Innovation Management
Siemens AG
simon-himmler-e1684499592479 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Simon Himmler

Manager Electronics Project Management & Systems Engineering
Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG
Hinrichs-Christoph-e1684175628758 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Christoph Pfeuffer

Systems Engineer

Airbus Defence and Space GmbH
Horvath-Pal-scaled-e1684412195230 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Pál Horváth

MBSE Method Developer & Coach

Bosch Powertrain Solutions, Engineering Centre Budapest
Georg-Jacobs-1-e1629182104333 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Prof. Dr. Georg Jacobs

Chair holder
Institute for Machine Elements and System Development at RWTH Aachen University
Jank-e1685385240150 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Dr. Merle-Hendrikje Jank

Manager of Product Portfolio Design

Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH
Niclas-Mauss_quadratisch_nah-scaled 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Niclas-Alexander Mauß

Wilhelm-Mauss_office_rgb_quadrat_nah 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Wilhelm Mauß

Managing Director
Lorenz GmbH & Co KG
Martin_Neff 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Martin Neff

CATIA worlwide Sales Director, Business Development SE
Dassault Systèmes
Dr_Alexander_Nyßen-e1629182654468 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Dr. Alexander Nyßen

Executive Vice President Digital Engineering

itemis AG
Police-scaled-e1685385355715 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Srinivasa Reddy Police

Lead Architect – Develop vehicle architecture methodically

Audi AG
Riesener-Michael-1-scaled-e1684495582101 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Dr. Michael Riesener

Managing Director
Center Systems Engineering
saliba_edip 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Edip Saliba

Head of Data & Azure Open AI

Microsoft Germany GmbH
Jan-Paul-Schneider_Profilbild-e1684503755160 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Jan Paul Schneider

Consultant Innovation & Complexity Management
Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG
Schrey_Elisabeth 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Dr. Elisabeth Schrey

Managing Director

DeepTech & Climate Fund
Günter-Schuh-Ausschnitt-1-e1629182223352 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh

Chair holder
Chair of Production Systems at RWTH Aachen

platzhalter_male 5t Systems Engineering Congeress

Sebastian Strobl

Airbus Defence and Space GmbH

Partner of the SEC 2023

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