2. June 2022

Which MBSE modeling approach is suitable for meeting the complex challenges in today’s product development? What is the role of MBSE in systems engineering?

The quarterly meeting of the #Center for Systems Engineering with more than 20 participants took place in hybrid form at the RWTH Aachen Campus earlier this week with exciting agenda items, including a workshop on Systems Engineering vs. MBSE, an update on the results of the consortium studies so far, and a panel discussion on suitable MBSE modeling approaches to address the complex challenges in today’s product development, including automotive and software engineering.

Christian Muggeo from Contact-Software enriched the meeting with an exciting guest presentation on how the introduction of reusable models can strengthen the implementation of MBSE in the future and in which way SysMLv2 will support this.

We thank all participants for the successful and exciting meeting and look forward to the next gathering in September this year!