8. February 2023

The first visit took place at Phoenix Contact in Blomberg in mid-January and was characterized by lively discussion of our consortium. Phoenix Contact is pursuing the vision of the All Electric Society and presented it, among other things, in an exciting lecture. In addition, Phoenix Contact presented still existing challenges, but also already achieved successes in the determination of the ecological footprint in the context of international supply chains in the contribution. Potentials of Smart Building were presented with a concrete example.

The second visit to Lorenz in Schelklingen took place at the beginning of February. Lorenz has been producing 100% recyclable products since 2015. During this visit, the consortium had a lively exchange on topics including design for circularity, drivers and brakemen in the context of the circular economy. In addition, the consortium asked itself the questions of what a transformation from a Linear Economy to a Circular Economy looks like and where this could start. For Lorenz, the consistent orientation towards the Circular Economy and the commitment to Germany as a business location turned out to be a recipe for success.

We are looking forward to the next visit to Vattenfall in February this year.